3 Easy Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangements For Summer

By Kelley Boymer
19 Jun 2023

There’s just something about a fresh flower arrangement. It makes any space look more lively and inviting. Flower arrangements also make great gifts if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day. One of our favorite things about Trader Joe’s is their flower selection. They always have an amazing selection of gorgeous in season blooms like tulips, roses, peonies, hydrangeas and more. Next time you find yourself at TJ’s don’t skip the flower section! Here are some easy ideas for Trader Joe’s flower arrangements for summer.

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3 Easy Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangements For Summer

Tips for DIY Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangements For Summer

Get There Early!

TJ’s restock’s their flowers daily but they are popular! Getting there early will ensure you don’t miss out on the the cream of the crop!

Seasonal and All-Year-Round Flowers

TJ’s sells both evergreen flowers like eucalyptus and seasonal flowers like tulips (spring) and chrysanthemums (fall). In the spring and early summer you will find flowers like tulips, peonies, hydrangeas and roses at Trader Joes.

Add Fillers

If you purchase individual bundles of Trader Joe’s flowers, fillers are a great way to add and make a beautiful arrangement. Eucalyptus can usually be purchased year-round at TJ’s and this green leafy flower makes a gorgeous filler and addition to all floral arrangements. Baby’s breath is always a beautiful neutral filler and white flowers like hydrangea. You can also use green dianthus, mini roses or another green filler which you can typically find at Trader Joe’s.

use your leftovers for bud vases

Cute bud vases are a simple and sweet addition to a window sill, bathroom sink or side table. Use any smaller leftover flowers from your arrangements to fill little bud vases and place around your home.

How to Make a Trader Joe’s Flower Arrangement

Trader Joe's flowers

Step 1: pick your Flowers

Head to Trader Joe’s and peruse the flower section. For summer we love options like peonies, tulips, roses, and hydrangeas. You will want to buy some fillers too so look for a variety of colors and textures. Trader Joe’s usually has options like Eucalyptus, Baby’s Breath, Dotty Poms, and other greenery.

Step 2: Trim Leaves

Trim any leaves that will be below the water line in your vase. Leaves that aren’t trimmed under the water line will make your flowers die sooner. You can also trim leaves farther up the stem depending on how full your arrangement is. If the leaves add a nice green fullness and balance to your arrangement, keep them. If it is already full and the leaves make an arrangement that is too busy, you will want to trim them.

Step 3: Prepare Water Mixture

Add a bit of apple cider vinegar and sugar to the water in your vase. The apple cider vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent to keep your flowers healthy, while the sugar acts as food for the flowers to keep them alive and well for longer. If your flowers came with flower food you can use that instead.

Step 4: Cut Stems

Cut your stems under running water right before placing in your fresh water and vase. This will keep those flowers fresh for longer.

Step 5: The Rule of Threes

The rule of threes states that arrangements look more visually appealing to the eye in odd numbers. So whether it’s 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9, choose your florals in odd numbers to make it more visually appealing.

Step 6: Maintenance

Don’t forget to check on your flowers every couple days. They will last longer if you do a few simple things to maintain them. Change the water after 3 days and cut the stems a bit. Add a little more of that apple cider vinegar and sugar mixture or flower food too! This will keep them fresh and looking beautiful and full of life for longer.

Floral Arrangment #1: Tulips

Trader Joe's tulips

Tulips make such a beautiful and elegant yet simple arrangement. We especially love the red and yellow variety. What’s so lovely about tulips is you can simple buy your bundle from TJ’s, remove the plastic, cut them, prepare your water and voila! Using a vase that widens at the top will give your tulips shape and fullness. This makes a perfect centerpiece for a dining room or kitchen table, bedroom or living room. Tulips are such a beautiful first sign of spring in our homes and I always look forward to seeing them bloom and making an arrangement for my dining room table each year.

Trader Joes Flower Arrangements For Summer

Floral Arrangement #2: Peonies

Peonies are one of our favorite flowers come June and Trader Joe’s almost always has them in stock this time of year. Nothing can replace the gorgeous scent of freshly bloomed peonies. Again you can keep your peony arrangement simple as they are just so gorgeous and elegant on their own. Use a pretty vintage mason jar or pottery vase to display your peonies. Keeping your peonies in a vase with a smaller opening at the top will keep the blooms of the flowers overlapping and create a beautiful visually full effect.

fresh flowers at home

Floral Arrangement #3: Hydrangeas

We love this whimsical hydrangea arrangement with dotty poms and some sweet wildflower and greenery embellishments. The white hydrangeas will last a really long time if you stay up to date on trimming their stems and changing out the water. Add dimension to the arrangement by cutting the different flowers and greenery at different heights. It helps to start with one flower, in this case we started with three hydrangea stems, and then fill in around it with greenery, and smaller flowers.

Have fun with it and try different things. You can keep it simple with white and green or add a pop of color like pink or purple.

Trader Joe's Flower Arrangements For Summer

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