3 Easy Breakfast Recipes with Tropicana’s New Probiotics

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By Jess
15 Dec 2016


Tis the season for overindulging. Craig and I just had an amazing trip to Amsterdam and London. We had so much fun and we ate, everything. We were almost surprised by how incredible the food was everywhere we went and we didn’t hold back. It’s also full on holiday party season and just a busy time of year in general. The time of year that almost all of my healthy eating habits just go right out the window. Needless to say I was pretty excited to try out Tropicana’s new line of Probiotics juices. A few things right off the bat that I really like about them, they have no added sugar or artificial flavor and one serving is packed with vitamin C. Craig and I are big breakfast people, him even more so than me, but I find if I eat a good breakfast I feel better throughout the day. Probiotics are not only good for your health but great for your digestive system so it’s the perfect way to start your morning.


 The Tropicana Probiotics juices come in three flavors –  Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango and Peach Passion Fruit so I thought I’d share three of my favorite quick and easy breakfast recipes to go along with them.

The first is a simple berry toast that includes honey and chia seeds.


I like to use a multigrain or oat toast because I like a thicker, crunchier texture. I lightly toast the bread, drizzle with honey, add the raspberries and then sprinkle with chia seeds. Yum!


Another favorite breakfast recipe of mine is chocolate-hazelnut spread and bananas. I opt for an organic spread and try not to use too much since they tend to have a decent amount of sugar.


Slightly toast the bread, spread it on and then add some sliced bananas. This one is actually also really good with fresh strawberries.


And last but certainly not least (probably everyone’s fave) avocado toast. I probably eat this one most often. My avocado toast is a bit different because I usually add tomatoes. I put avocado slices on first, then slice up some tomatoes and put them on top. Add a little pink salt, pepper and red chili flakes for some kick.


You can find Tropicana’s new Probiotics juices in the juice aisle at grocery stores. Try them out and let me know what you think. I’ve been having a glass with breakfast in the morning and after a workout. I don’t want to jinx myself but so far I haven’t been sick this year and I’m trying to keep it that way!


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