2019 Top 9: Most Popular Blog Posts of The Year

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
30 Dec 2019
pregnancy announcement

Well I guess capsule wardrobes are pretty popular with you guys. I get it, I love them too. It has completely changed the way I approach getting dressed AND the way I shop. I’ve spent so much less money on clothing this year that I didn’t need or really want, and I’ve done minimal purging because I have less to get rid of after I did my big closet clean out last winter. In many ways 2019 was sort of the year of the capsule wardrobe, I noticed them popping up everywhere, I think Marie Kondo might have had something to do with that. At the same time I know a capsule isn’t for everyone, I think my main goal with creating them was to streamline my wardrobe and focus more on timeless, quality pieces. That doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be full of neutrals, it’s about making it work for you.

This year wasn’t ALL about clothes though, as I mentioned last week, it was full of change for me on a personal and business level. I shared I was pregnant (I was probably just as surprised as many of you), we turned my office into a nursery, and I launched a new website design and Newport Guide. Here’s a look back at the most popular blog posts of 2019, did any of you have a favorite? I’d love to know!

number one. creating a capsule wardrobe

I was so excited about this post and it really changed the course of the style content I created on the blog for the remainder of the year. Every single thing I included in this capsule is still a part of my wardrobe and they are all pieces I really love (many of which I can’t wait to wear again when leggings and oversized sweaters are no longer my required uniform). I also did lots of videos this year styling pieces from capsules throughout the year.

number two. pregnancy announcemenT

Not totally surprising that this surprise was at the top of the most popular list. It’s crazy to think back on this time because it in many ways I’ve forgotten about it, and yet at the same time the experience is singed into my memory. I was barely able to write that post I was so sick and I just kept getting worse as the days and weeks went on. It’s such a relief to not be in that place anymore, and even crazier to think I’m only a few weeks from my due date! If any of you are pregnant or TTC, I shared everything that helped me survive pregnancy so far here.

number three. fall capsule wardrobe

I tried to keep my seasonal capsules smaller and select pieces that would complement the main capsule I created at the beginning of the year. My fall capsule I really focused on pieces that were from sustainable, ethical and/or eco-friendly brands.

number four. nursery reveal

I had a lot of fun turning my office into a nursery. Quite frankly that room sat empty a lot of the time because I never got around to finishing my office and it turned into a space that collected clutter, so it was really nice to give it a purpose. I also loved using Modsy for the first time, and ended up purchasing another package to help design the layout for our existing master bedroom which will eventually be an office/guest room, along with some other rooms in the house I might want to change up.

number five. capsule wardrobe fall outfits (video)

I know these style videos were a hit with many of you and I can’t wait to do more of them in 2020. It was harder for me to do them as I got more pregnant (and tired) but they will definitely be a fixture on IGTV and the blog next year. They’re fun to create and they’re a great way to challenge myself and come up with creative ways to style pieces I already own.


Our kitchen went through a lot of change since we first bought this house 2 1/2 years ago but what really made it feel complete was the addition of our Cafe Appliances. That was one of my favorite brand collaborations I’ve ever done and I still can’t get over how great everything looks in our kitchen.

number seven. night time clean beauty skincare routine

Seeing this post in the most popular list made me realize I need to do more beauty content. I try SO many products and lots of them are really good, so I definitely want to share that with all of you. I’m working on a post about my winter skincare routine right now so stay tuned for that. Since switching to all clean beauty last spring my skin has never been better and I really love trying and discovering new brands and products.

number eight. how to wear an oversized sweater

I mean who doesn’t love an oversized sweater? It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve worn for the last several months, because it’s all I have left in my wardrobe that still fits.


I officially launched the Newport Guide in 2018 and made lots of changes to it for this year when we re-launched the website in the spring. It’s now easier to search and sort through recommendations and I have lots of plans for more content in the new year. If you have any requests, let me know!

Disclosure: if you buy something through the links on this blog, we may earn an affiliate commission. We only feature products we would personally recommend. Thank you for your support.

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  1. PaigeS wrote:

    Just stumbled onto your blog. I love your style. How tall are you? I do mostly on-line shopping because of where I live and my body-type looks similar to yours. I like to minimize returns as much as possible.

    1.1.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thanks Paige. I’m 5″6″

      1.2.20 | Reply
  2. What a great round up of your content! I’m glad you’ll be doing more IGTV videos this year, those are always so much fun to watch! Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

    1.28.20 | Reply

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