Jess Ann Kirby discusses the importance of voting in helping to make a difference in saving the environment

It’s the last week of this month’s JAKWellness12 challenge focusing on our planet and the environment. I’ve really loved these posts particularly because they seem to have resonated with so many of you, and that made me so happy and excited. At the end of the day, this really should be a non-partisan issue. We only have one planet, and we can no longer ignore the reality of how we are contributing to climate change. While there are many things we can do on a personal and community level, at the end of the day the biggest polluters and contributors to environmental destruction are big corporations. While some have taken steps of their own to reduce their environmental impact, many have not and will not unless they are forced to do so. And that is why your vote matters. The people we elect are the ones who dictate policy on environmental protections (or lack thereof). It is incredibly important to be educated about where candidates stand on important environmental issues and also what their records show. What a politician says and does are two very different things. I’ve pulled together some helpful resources you can use before you cast your vote. Voting in local elections and particularly mid-terms are incredibly important and turnout is historically low. Not sure if you’re registered? You can do it quickly and easily right here. Your vote matters!

Jess Ann Kirby enjoys time outside and by the beach and hopes her vote will make a difference in creating laws that protect it

Make Your Vote Count

Here are a list of organizations and resources to help keep you informed about important environmental issues and political candidates.