Happy New Year and welcome to the #JAKWellness12. If we’re being honest I’m a bit nervous about launching this. When I looked back on my goals from 2017 the other day, I realized how many of them I just completely abandoned. I’m pretty sure we all do this to an extent. January is THE month of making changes, setting goals and setting out to make the year “the best year yet.” Here’s the thing, I don’t really like how we do that. Personally, I think every year has highs and lows and starting out with the idea that this one is going to be the BEST EVER is sort of setting ourselves up for disappointment. Nothing is ever perfect, and life isn’t easy, so my goal for this 12 month challenge is not to have the best year ever (of course I want it to be a good year) but instead, to focus on being a better version of myself and to create new habits that are realistic and contribute to living and leading a better life. Here’s how the challenge works:

Every month we’ll focus on a different dimension of wellness. I researched this A TON. Depending on where you look there are anywhere from 5-9 dimensions. I am settling on eight (some months we will repeat a dimension we’ve already done earlier in the year). Throughout the year we will cover: BODY (physical), MIND (intellectual), SPIRIT (spiritual), EARTH (environmental), EMOTIONS (emotional), FRIENDS (social), CAREER (occupational) and MONEY (financial). This month we’re focusing on physical, mainly health, exercise and nutrition. Every month we will build upon the practices and achievements of the one before so instead of abandoning new routines we create habits out of them.

Throughout each month I’ll share a new weekly challenge every Monday here on the blog. That’s 53 Mondays all year and 53 new challenges. Every month we’ll also get advice and inspiration from different leaders, experts and influencers in the different dimensions of wellness and I’ll give you the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time (stay tuned for this month’s expert). There will be some fun giveaways and exclusive discounts along the way too.


January Wellness Dimension: Physical

This week’s challenge: Set goals and intentions for 2018

Honestly, I haven’t really thought about my goals for 2018 at all. Last year I was clearly pretty motivated because I posted them on January 3! So this week is all about taking time to sit down and think about goals and intentions for 2018. I think one of the biggest things I learned about setting yourself up for success when setting goals (thanks to my good ol 9-5) is to make sure you ask yourself the right questions and come up with an action plan in the process. I wrote a post about this (read it here) which will hopefully be helpful for you as you set your goals for this year. In next week’s post I’ll share my goals for 2018 and a new weekly challenge. So how do you participate? I would love for you to comment every Monday as we go through each week and share your progress (and I will be doing the same -the good and the bad). I am hoping we can hold each other accountable throughout the year. I’ll be posting about new challenges, updates and progress on Instagram and using the hashtag #JAKWellness12. I’ve also started a Pinterest board you can follow here which will have everything from recipes I’m trying to fitness ideas to quotes that inspire me.

I am SO excited to embark on this wellness journey over the next 12 months with all of you.

We Got This

xx Jess