Ok first, I’m still not used to these bangs. This was the first outfit post I shot in two weeks (pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve gone in three years) and editing photos of myself with bangs was just weird. I really wanted a change and I didn’t want to change the length of my hair so bangs felt like a good idea. They’re already driving me nuts but I digress.

One of my goals last year was to reduce, reuse and recycle. As we move into a new year I have a greater desire to focus on quality over quantity. Blogging has introduced me to so many incredible brands most recently, Cuyana. I’d heard of them before and was intrigued by their philosophy of Fewer, Better Things. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to do as someone who writes about fashion and personal style. When I first started blogging I felt such pressure to post new things. I would never post the same piece twice and I don’t know why because I wear the same things ALL THE TIME. I’m sure most of you do too. You find what you love and wear some variation of that on a regular basis. If you’ve followed me over the past year, hopefully you’ve noticed that I started to share a lot more content that features pieces I wear often, styling them in different ways.

Over the summer I shared a post about how to maximize your wardrobe and shopping investments and I encourage you to check it out if you didn’t get a chance to read it. Having less stuff makes life less stressful, and having pieces you love to wear makes getting dressed more fun.