You know that feeling when you’ve dreamed about something your entire life, and you convince yourself the chances of ever getting close to it are near to impossible, but then you wake up and realize that you’re about to experience the thing you never thought was possible? Well that pretty much sums up my first day of NYFW. As I sit in bed (at 9pm- this girl needs her beauty rest) reflecting on today I almost still can’t believe any of it happened. I’ll keep it short and sweet because I’m slightly delirious and still have to get my shit together before I get up and do it again tomorrow but to sum it up, today my dreams came true (yes cheeseball central). I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little misty eyed at the Desigual show. There is just something so magical about NYFW, a little hard to put into words. I’m going to copy Hallie‘s timeline play by play for today because it’s just simple and I’m tired, so here goes. 
7:45 am  8:30 am: Wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. Check my phone and realize I’ve overslept because I set my alarm for 7:45pm instead of am (seriously WTF is my problem)?
8:40am: (Yes I got dressed in 10 minutes) Grab a cab to dream dry for my blowout (which I am now regretting because I really just like my hair way better when it looks natural, I look like a total soccer mom so I put my hair in a high bun halfway through the day).
10:15am: Sprint into Lincoln Center (coaching myself not to slip and fall) to meet Lucky Magazine at private lounge for an insider’s look at MBFW.

Backstage selfie
10:30am: Start behind the scenes tour of Lincoln Center, meet lots of cool people, attempt to take lots of pictures (epic fail), remind myself to breathe (I think this was the first breathe I took since 8:30am). 
11:30am: Arrive back at private lounge to find Aimee Song, Rumi Neely and Eva Chen just chillin waiting to say hi to us common folk.

11:35am: Weirdly and nervously ask Rumi Neely if she minds taking a picture with me. She compliments my fur, we make small talk, I tell her I’m from RI and it’s a really cool city (FYI, RI is NOT a city Rumi, I got nervous under pressure).

Rumi is sweet and says she’ll pose with the dorky soccer mom (aka me – seriously though what is up with my hair). Note to self, tilt head and open mouth while barely smiling (who am I kidding I will never look that cool). 
11:40am: I review photos and realize I look like a soccer mom, pissed I spent money on a blowout, need to put hair in high bun, realize I have 20 minutes to get ALL the way downtown.

11:42am: Notice EOnline 360 glam cam on my way out and have to give it a whirl (literally).

12:15pm: Lunch meeting with most adorable girl ever, Heidi from Shinola, at Locande Verde (highly recommend) followed by a tour of the Shinola flagship in Tribecca. Obsessed with everything in the store and their amazing campaign #saynicethings. Check out some of their amazing watches here.

Customers right nice things on paper embedded with seeds (and online with #saynicethings). Shinola will then plant them in Detroit as part of the beautification of a dog park near their store.

2pm: Head back uptown for outfit photos (more coming soon) at Lincoln Center with Caitlin before Desigual.

Wearing: J.Crew Skirt, J.Crew Top, Brahmin Bag ℅, Vintage Coat and Fur from Vintage Revival

3:30pm: Get lucky walking into Desigual heading towards standing room only and snag a seat in the second row thanks to someone seemingly in charge. Develop insane girl crush/hatred towards the perfect specimen that is Candace Swanapoel (seriously I question if she’s human). LOVED everything that came down the runway from the mohair shorts and coats to the silk pants, jacquard and mixed prints (I’ve watched my video of the finale too many times to count, can’t get enough of it).

4:30pm: Head back downtown to Brahmin Market. Obsessed with the black and white, florals and fur in their fall collection. 

6pm: Running on empty head to Erin Fetherston preview at the W Union Square where my spirits are immediately lifted by the pretty florals and feminine silhouettes of her new collection. The lacey high waisted long skirt/crop top combination front and center needs to be in my wardrobe immediately.

I hope you enjoyed my not-so-brief recap of day one at NYFW. I can’t believe I’m already on to day two! Stay tuned on Instagram and Twitter for all of my live updates from the shows! Thank you so much for stopping by. xx

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  1. Wow looks like so much fun!!!
    xo, Lee

  2. What an incredible experience! Congrats on all the success – you are a fabulous blogger and have amazing style! Enjoy the rest of NYFW – can’t wait to see more pics!

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster