15 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

By Kelley Boymer
4 Aug 2022

It’s already August and believe it or not, summer is almost over (ugh). Summer is dreamy, magical and fleeting. It never feels quite long enough and as each summer ends, drifting into fall, I always find myself wishing I had a little more time. Why not make a bucket list to help check off those things you’ve wanted to do this summer? The ideas are endless but today I’m sharing 15 things you can do before the end of summer to help make the most of what’s left of these long, warm, sunny days. If you have anything you’re hoping to do before the end of summer, let us know in the comments.

15 Things to Do Before the End of Summer


This summer has been HOT in New England (and all over the country) and there is nothing better than a nice refreshing dip. I have been swimming all summer in local rivers, lakes and ponds and it is such a relaxing, freeing and refreshing activity. I always fully submerge because it just isn’t quite the same if you don’t get your head completely wet. Wash away worries of hair and makeup and take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

One thing on my bucket list this summer is to swim in the ocean. We are landlocked here in Vermont and so we are heading to visit some family at the Jersey Shore to get our ocean fix. I can’t wait for the sand, salt water and waves. Mix it up and get into the water in every way possible while it’s still warm enough to swim!

Take a Hike

Whether you are a hiker or not, taking a hike during the summer is a great way to see epic views and get a different perspective. It helps you appreciate nature and all that the outdoors have to offer. Do some research and try a new local hike or make it a day trip. Or maybe while you are away try a favorite local hike. You will enjoy the challenge in the journey and the rewarding views at the summit.

Go for a Bike Ride

Taking a bike ride is a great way to see more in a shorter period of time. You don’t have to be an extreme mountain biker or long distance rider to bike either. You can rent bikes locally or wherever you are traveling and take bike paths, trails or local bike routes to see the best sites. This is a great way to get outside and enjoy yourself.

Visit a New Place

It’s not too late to book a last minute overnight or plan a day trip somewhere new. Maybe you have been dying to visit a nearby destination or want to venture farther. Airbnb will often have cancellations and some great deals can pop up. Keep your eyes on your destination and be open to a spontaneous trip. Sometimes those are the most fun!

Try Something New

We all get stuck in our routines and things we enjoy and forget to try something new. On my list for this summer is pickleball. Get outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve been curious about. Maybe invite some friends to join you to make it fun!

Go to an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor Concerts during the summer are the best! This is definitely my favorite part of summer. We have so many opportunities for this locally in Vermont including at restaurants, local parks and farms. Check your local listings and see what is available in your region. Or maybe try one while you’re away. It’s such a fun way to loosen up and enjoy community and the outdoors.

Dine Al Fresco

Eating outside is another favorite summer luxury. Make a reservation at a local restaurant with al fresco dining or plan to take a day trip somewhere new and fun. It’s so lovely sitting outdoors enjoying a cocktail on a patio with yummy food, good company and gorgeous views.

Host a Party or BBQ

We usually host lots of summertime parties but this summer seems to have gotten away from us! We decided we want to host a party before summer is over. Pick a date and send and invite to family and friends for a party or BBQ. It could be a party to ring out the summer in style or enjoy it while it’s still here. Make it easy by asking everyone to BYOB and bring a dish. Check out our 10 Tips for Hosting a Cookout.

Go Camping

Camping is such a fun way to truly enjoy the outdoors during summer. Many campsites are booked this late in the summer but you can try calling spots in your region to see if there are any openings. We rounded up some great camping spots in New England here. Take a look at our tips for camping this summer to help you prepare for a fun, successful and exciting adventure! Why not go camping in your backyard too? Sleeping under the stars can be fun even if you’re not going far.

Read a Book

It can be hard to find the time to wind down and do quiet activities like reading but it is so relaxing and one of my favorite parts of summer. Don’t let summer go by without taking time to relax and enjoy a good book (audiobooks count too!). Take some time for yourself whether that means reading at the beach, on your porch or in a hammock. You deserve it! Check out our recommendations for 25 Summer Beach Reads to get inspired!

Go Tubing

My girlfriends and I are determined to put a tubing trip on the calendar by the end of the summer. I used to go tubing several times each summer and then I had a baby… But it is one of the most relaxing, fun summer activities, especially in Vermont. You can rent tubes that provide transportation for you. Often, we will buy our own tubes and coordinate our routes and park cars ahead of time. It does usually take a full day depending on the length of your trip and river conditions. This summer has been so hot and dry our rivers in Vermont are very low. If you plan to take a trip make sure you consider you could be out on the river for 6+ hours. Bring coolers with beverages and snacks and plan accordingly! It’s always a lot to coordinate but well worth it for the fun-filled day on the river!

Make Time to Do Your Favorite Things

Summertime is a great time for things like golfing, biking, playing tennis, hiking, surfing, boating, paddle boarding etc. What do you love to do during the summer? Maybe it’s simply chilling out in a hammock in the shade. Don’t let it pass you by without making time for your favorite things! Schedule it ahead of time and put it on your calendar so you won’t forget or come up with an excuse to skip it. You will be so happy to have had the time doing the things you love.

Do Everything Outside

We invested in some outdoor furniture and a solo stove this summer and I’m realizing we need to utilize them more while we still can. Eat all your meals outside, skip Netflix and enjoy a drink outside by the fire instead, go for a hike and bring a picnic, meet friends to play at the park for apps and drinks. The options are endless. Doing things outdoors just makes everything more enjoyable, relaxing and fun. Don’t forget to bring bug spray and sunscreen to avoid bites and burns!

Eat Ice Cream

Is there anything better than getting ice cream in the summer? Head to your favorite scoop shop and enjoy a cone of your favorite flavor. Or have a fun ice cream party at home.

Pick Flowers or Berries

Picking flowers and berries during the summer is the best! It’s so special to be able to see the farms that work so hard to grow and care for these plants. It is hard work and we are so fortunate to be able to benefit from it. Visit your local flower and berry farms and pick your own. Make your own flower arrangements and decorate your house. Bring along friends and enjoy the outdoors.

What’s on your list of things to do before the end of summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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