10 Things We Loved In September

By Kelley Boymer
5 Oct 2023

September is a beautiful month. It can be tumultuous too. It’s a time of change with back to school transitions, moving from one season into another, as well as a shift from the energy of summer into the welcoming of moving inward and quieting down.

We are in full on fall festive mode over here in Vermont. The evenings are crisp and cool, the leaves are almost reaching peak and we are decorating our front steps with pumpkins and mums. We are ready to fully embrace sweater weather and enjoy this beautiful season in our favorite place.

Here are some of the things we savored and loved in September.

10 Things We Loved In September

Jess’s 5 Things

planting bulbs

Until this summer we haven’t done much gardening because we’ve had so many other priorities. We were at Home Depot (our home away from home) and they had tons of bulbs. I’ve always wanted to plant daffodils and tulips in the fall for spring blooms so I got a ton of different varieties. Who knows if they’ll work but I’m excited for the prospect of early flowers come spring. Fingers crossed!

backyard dinners

Now that we’ve finished our patio we’ve been doing dinner outside in the backyard almost every night. It’s SO nice. We’ve got the Solo Stove going, s’mores roasting, and we’re savoring these perfect fall nights before it’s dark at 4pm. There’s still tons of fresh produce too so eating fresh and locally grown foods is such a treat. And when we’re too tired, pizza’s good too!


I lived in these clogs last fall, so when they came out with a shearling lined version I knew I needed them immediately. They are SO comfy, easy to walk in and look great with everything. FYI I ended up exchanging for half a size up, the non lined version fit true to size, but I think the shearling lined fit half a size small (despite what the product page description says).

The Dream Season 3

I just listened to the entire Season 3 of The Dream about the Coaching Industry and how it’s proliferated online. It was an interesting deep dive into the world of coaching, and how it’s wildly unregulated and at times downright dangerous. Interestingly, the host Jane Marie enlists a coach of her own to help her, and finds connection and friendship along the way.

spontaneous road trips

We get so locked in to our day to day routine, it can be hard to do anything spontaneous, especially with a toddler and three animals at home. We decided to do a short trip up north with Craig’s parents and it was so nice to explore somewhere new that was just a short drive away. It was only an hour but those Vermont country roads are just so special. And we got to try new restaurants and see a town we’ve never been to before. It can be hard to try and fit those things in but it’s worth it!

Kelley’s 5 Things

Dansko Clogs

I’ve always been a clogs kind of gal and I’m happy they have been coming back in style the last few years. I love a classic Dansko and recently got these Brenna clogs in taupe and brown. I also love the navy and burnished suede!

Tiny Beautiful Things

I started reading Tiny Beautiful Things this summer and then binged the show this past month. I am a big Cheryl Strayed fan and used to read her advice column “Dear Sugar” back in the day. The book is a compilation of all the letters and responses, which creates such a beautiful story. It will break your heart, make you laugh, grieve, cry and everything in between. I cannot say enough about this beautiful story and the wisdom, heart and vulnerability that is Cheryl Strayed. The show on Hulu proved to be just as wonderful! Taking the perspective of Cheryl’s tumultuous life behind the scenes of “Dear Sugar” and how she used her own wisdom from her column to navigate her own struggles and heal from her own trauma.

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals By Oliver Burkeman

I listened to Oliver Burkeman’s interview with Forrest Hanson on Being Well earlier this month and was so fascinated by some of his theories and ideas that I immediately download his audiobook, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management For Mortals. Burkeman discusses how our fear of not having enough time in this world can drive us in this never-ending cycle of productivity and to do lists that will in fact never end. He both identifies these toxic patterns in our society as well as suggests useful ways to live a more meaningful life.

Olivia Rodrigo “GUTS”

Olivia Rodrigo is one of my guilty pleasures and I’ve been listening to her new album GUTS on repeat. It’s a great teen angst flashback that’s ideal for blasting in the car and belting out at the top of your lungs. Some of the songs are a little too pop rocky for me, but I love the slower ones: logical, lacy and making the bed. Enjoy the nostalgia!


I led a yoga workshop this month with a small group this past month called Metamorphosis. It was so lovely meeting each week with a small group of ladies on Monday mornings after chaotic weekends and school drop-offs and taking the time to sink into our bodies in such an intentional way. The series was based on a butterfly metamorphosis with the stages of growth, transformation and freedom. We did some journaling and moved our bodies and created intentions for this new season. I’m excited to lead more themed series like this in the coming months! Also, it was so fun having Jess be a part of it too 🙂

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  1. Gilly wrote:

    Do you have any posts / could you do one on styling clogs? I love the look of them and Boston Birkenstocks – but whenever I try them on I just look off! is it the pants length? Do I need to show off my ankle? Any tips welcome! xxx

    10.6.23 | Reply
  2. Retro bowl wrote:

    September is fall, and it’s cool but not too cold. I love autumn because it lets me grow fruits, veggies, and tubers.

    10.6.23 | Reply
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