10 Things We Loved in July

By Kelley Boymer
9 Aug 2023

How is it already August?! Just us or are the summer scaries creeping in a little bit? Talk of back to school is here and summer in Vermont feels like it’s just getting started (finally). We’ve had some beautiful sunny days recently and we are just trying to soak up every minute of it.

We loved sharing our favorite things in June and thought we would continue into July. Here are some of our highlights from July and things that are getting us through this very wet and hot Vermont summer.

10 Things We Loved in July

Jess’s 5 Things


I think I’ve read almost every single think piece on the Barbie movie. It felt like I had already seen the film given how many articles and opinion pieces I read about it, but nothing could prepare me for just how much I would love it. I still think about moments from the film, and how it explored feminism, the patriarchy, the mother/daughter relationship, corporate greed, girlhood, and so much more. I don’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater to see a movie, let alone laughed out loud throughout. This one will make you laugh, cry and probably want to do it all over again. A must see!

mountain glow golden serum

This was a new product I started using at the beginning of the summer and oh my god I love it. It’s a light serum with a nice refreshing scent. Ursa Major is a female owned Vermont based skincare brand. It’s perfect in the morning under sunscreen and gives my skin such a pretty glow.


The weather in Vermont has been pretty rough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain in my life. But it’s been hot and humid too, and the only thing that feels comfortable are light and flowy dresses. I’ve been living in my Daughters of India Kyra Maxi Dress (this needs biker shorts under because it’s slightly sheer) and the Kyra Mini Dress.

Gracie Abrams

Consider me super late to the Gracie Abrams party. I discovered her album through one of my favorite writers Kate Baer, but also realized she is opening for Taylor Swift? I am living under a rock, clearly. Her latest album Good Riddance is a combo of pop/folk/indie that will give you all the feels while listening.

spindrift nojito

I haven’t been drinking much (alcohol) this summer and I’m loving making mocktails with dinner. I stumbled upon this new (?) Sprindrift flavor on a recent trip to Target and it is SO good. A deliciously refreshing combo of lime and mint it’s great out of the can if you’re at the beach or lake. At home, pour it over ice and add some fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice and I throw in a pinch of salt!

Kelley’s 5 Things

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I splurged and got the Pioneer 2.0 Stand Up Paddle Board from Isle a couple weeks ago. I’ve already been out on local lakes and ponds several times and it has been a true bright spot for me so far this summer. Being pregnant, I often feel trapped in my body and like I can’t do all the things I love to do. This paddle board has given me that feeling of freedom I didn’t even know I was missing! I’m excited to try it out in the ocean during our family vacation in August. They currently have some great deals if you are looking to invest! You won’t regret it.

Stand Up Comedy

Apparently my theme this month is “stand up” but I saw Colin Jost from SNL perform stand up comedy at a local theater and it was so refreshing and fun. I’m usually more of a concert gal myself, but this was such a nice way to get out on a date night, laugh my ass off and just feel a little lighter in general. I don’t know about you, but things have been feeling pretty heavy with all the flooding and fires and sometimes its nice to just take a break from it all and remember we don’t always need to take life so seriously.


By far my favorite book of the summer, maybe even year… Maame by Jessica George was so so good. I was completely absorbed by the characters from the start and loved the study of family, relationships and coming of age. I loved the flaws, “realness” and relatability. It was such a rich and deep read, yet a page-turner that I couldn’t put down! This review sums it all up! “Meeting Maame feels like falling in love for the first time: warm, awkward, joyous, a little bit heartbreaking and, most of all, unforgettable.” —Xochitl Gonzalez, New York Timesbestselling author of Olga Dies Dreaming

Headache Cure

I have been having awful headaches, on the verge of migraines many days throughout my pregnancy. I wake up feeling hungover most mornings, despite the fact that I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in months. I just cannot drink enough water! I told Jess and she gave me this miracle cream from Indie Lee that she said was a life saver for headaches during her own pregnancy. It has already come in handy several times in the last week and literally provided instant relief. If you struggle with headaches grab some of this to have on hand! Thank you, Jess!!!


Jess and I went to see the Barbie movie with another friend of ours and it made for a perfect girls night out. Even amongst all the hype, I was still so pleasantly surprised by how incredibly awesome it was. The overall tone of female empowerment alongside lighthearted, hilarious comedy was the absolute best. And I loved that the theater was full of men and women. I will have to bring my husband now for round 2!

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  1. Katie wrote:

    I love these kinds of posts, I would love to see more similar content!

    8.9.23 | Reply
    • Thank you, Katie! I’m glad you are enjoying them. They have been really fun to write! Hopefully we will keep doing them in the coming months.

      8.22.23 | Reply
  2. Oh, it is such a good idea to list things that we liked in a month! Appreciating stuff that happened to us is really cool and important, i think. Totally agree on the Barbie movie!! A must see. But yeah my news feed was flooded with the spoilers and details and stuff omg hahaha. And btw thanks for the book recommendation – never heard about this one. I will definitely take a note of that. And oh yes, sadly the comedy has indeed been a way of a distraction lately from what is going on in the world around us right now…

    8.12.23 | Reply

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