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Sleep Training Q&A

Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal experience. This is what worked best for us. Every family and situation is unique. Only you know what’s best for you and your baby. If you told me a little over a month ago that I would have a 5 month old baby that…

Click. Read. Love. 7.10.20

Been doing a whole lot of this lately, but more like the we have a baby version which is not sitting down until I’m actually…
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Summer Recipe Round-Up

We've all been eating at home a lot more, and while it has its benefits (less expensive, typically healthier) it can be easy to get…
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  • Citrus Mezcal Margarita

    Feels like the right timing to share one of my many favorite mezcal margarita recipes since today is not only Cinco de Mayo but Marin is 3 months! That is certainly cause for celebration. The great thing about mezcal cocktails…
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  • Quick Vegan Oatmeal with Berries

    This super easy and quick vegan oatmeal has been my go-to breakfast lately. I’m trying to get lots of oats and other foods to help keep up my milk supply. Who knows if that actually works, but this is delicious…
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  • 25% off at Nordstrom

    Nordstrom has closed its stores until further notice in response to the Coronavirus. For a limited time they are offering 25% off full price and sale items. Here are a few of my favorites (all are sustainably made and/or made…
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  • Iron Boosting Green Juice

    The green juice even Craig will drink. It’s packed with tons of really beneficial nutrients and it tastes SO good, even for the anti-green juice folks. This late in my pregnancy it’s harder for me to eat because I feel…
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9 Black Owned Clean Beauty Brands

Today is Blackout Day 2020, a social media movement designated to urge everyone, specifically the Black community to avoid buying items unless it’s from a Black owned business. The goal is to show the economic buying power of Black people.…
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My Favorite Summer Hair Care Products

How is everyone doing? We had a super mellow weekend which was so nice. I thought it would be helpful to do a round up of my favorite clean beauty summer hair care products because I find myself answering this…
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Click. Read. Love. 7.3.20

I realized yesterday that this time last year I just found out I was pregnant and spent every single day puking from morning to night. I remember thinking I’d never feel good again. It was only a year ago but…
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