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Happy Friday! We are back in RI for the weekend, and I am getting ready to launch my Newport Guide on Monday. I have shown it to a few people and the feedback so far has been great. I was talking to my friend Victoria about it (who also happens to be my web designer). I was having so much self doubt about the guide and if it’s something people…
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What I Learned From Taking My Daughter Off The Internet
Reader Comment:

“Up until two years ago, I regularly shared my children on my blog and Instagram. That summer an Instagram photo of mine was picked up by several large online publications. My son had taken the photo, but it really got me thinking “what if he had been in the photo with me?” None of the online publications asked my permission to publish my Instagram photo. I no longer post my children’s photos on my feed (I do still post them in Stories, but will re-evaluate if my account grows).

I enjoy that you still share stories about Marin but in a way that balances her privacy. As a follower, I still feel like you’re sharing that part of your life.”

— Erica
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