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How Are You?

I wanted to take a minute today to check in on all of you and share some honest feelings. I’ve received so many heartfelt, thoughtful comments, messages and notes in the last few weeks, really the last few months, and I have such immense gratitude for that. I really do…

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  • Loafers

    I thought I posted this Quick Take weeks ago and realized I never published it. Kind of sums up my life as of late, complete and total cluster. Anyhoo, these are a few favorites on rotation pretty regularly. Organic cotton…
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  • Transitional Fall Style

    Playing a little catch up here as my work windows are VERY small this week with Craig up in Vermont. You can see the Reel here for how I put this outfit together and details below. Had fun with the…
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  • Neutrals

    I think today might be one of my favorites so far for the #monthlystylechallenge. I have LOVED seeing all of your outfits and today you are absolutely crushing it. I went for one of my go-to fall outfits with my…
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  • Jacket Required

    Just catching up here which I guess I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future. Got some questions about this outfit for the #monthlystylechallenge and yesterday’s theme “Jacket Required.” Most of these pieces are old (sorry!) but I’ll keep looking for…
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Tarotstrology: Scorpio Season Tarotscopes

IMAGE BY JANEMADE Ch-ch-changes! Scorpio season pulls no punches when it comes to change. Suddenly the bright colors of fall are gone, the trees are bare, we’re losing sunlight and the temps are dropping. Not to mention, we’ve got a…
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Click. Read. Love. 10.23.20

Hi, how’s everybody doing? I didn’t watch the debate last night. Felt it was unnecessary for my mental health and I KNOW WHO I’M VOTING FOR! I’m actually driving up to Vermont this weekend to pick up our mail ballots…
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How to Be More Media Literate

You hear a lot about the media these days—but it's funny it's always lumped together like that. The media. That generalization makes it sound like one organization. But really the websites, newspapers, magazines, news broadcasts, and more, that you consume…
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