The Hand Cream I Can’t Live Without

It’s always right around this time when I start to feel like everything is SO dry, especially my hands. The weather is frigid, the heat is cranking and the air is dry. With the constant hand washing (especially with a toddler) it feels like I’ve washed off my fingerprints at this point. I’ve talked about Nécessaire products quite a bit (love their bodywash) but my favorite product is The Hand…
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What I Learned From My Instagram Break
Reader Comment:

“You inspired me to take a recent break off Instagram. I decided to begin the day after Christmas and when that Sunday morning came, my hand twitched towards clicking the app, but I didn’t do it. I’m so grateful I didn’t. And honestly, I didn’t look back for my entire planned time off. I thought the days off would be difficult and I’d cave at some point, but I didn’t. I had zero urge to check in… The week I spent off Instagram I enjoyed those mundane moments you referenced. I watched movies and didn’t spend random minutes scrolling on Instagram, I just watched the movie start to finish. When outside playing with the dogs, I didn’t stop in the quiet moments to scroll, I just watched them sniff and move slow and decided to just be.”

— Danielle
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