15 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks for Summer

As the heat of summer approaches, our palettes naturally begin to crave the deliciousness of fresh, crisp vegetables and healthy, soul-nourishing plant-based meals. We recently planted our veggie garden filled with tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and fresh herbs and are so excited to watch them grow and enjoy each seasonal harvest. There is nothing better than enjoying the bounties of your labor, fresh out of your garden…
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In Defense Of The Only Child
Reader Comment:

I loved reading this! I am an only who comes from a line of only children and my husband I have an only (a son). I had a wonderful life and I’m very grateful for the special bond my parents and I have. Having a child later in life was eye opening and a learning experience for me and my husband both. I try to show myself grace as a mama and when someone tells me that my son needs a sibling, my reply is that he needs a sane parent even more.

— Samantha
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